sybrig dokter

Solo work performed at Weld, december 2012, Stockholm.

The piece was developed as part of a chain project where the participants were anonymous for each other until the week of performance.

The idea description stated that the piece should include elements of an older work, a hobby and a theater gauze. Working with movement material from a duet from 1987 where gravity, flow and proximity were important elements I transformed and transported those elements over objects and body of the present.

Initiative of Koreografiska Konstitutet.

Concept of manuscript dodo: Marie Fahlin and Rebecca Chentinell

Idea description: Malin Elgán

Choreography: Sybrig Dokter

IMG_1384-1.jpg sybrigdokter_mou_1.jpg sybrigdokter_mou_4.jpg sybrigdokter_mou_7.jpg mou2.jpg mou.jpg