Walking Home

Currently I am involved in the project ‘Girls play in pairs’ which is a collaborative artistic research project that aims to explore the supportive pair relationship affidamento (entrustment) as feminist working model for making and presenting art. The project was initiated by long-term colleagues and friends Marta Forsberg and Anna Jakobsson. Within this constellation I am working together with artist Alva Willemark who invited me to participate in this project.


In this pandemic world we cannot always walk to the people we love or care for and instead return to the place that is home.



I want to invite you to share a video of your feet/legs walking home!

Just a short clip of your feet/wheels/or other ways you may be using to move about as you are returning home.

Sunshine, moonlight, rain, mud, or asphalt, boots, bare feet, wheels: contribute to this project  and fill this page with your videos!