Walking Home

Three days of walking along the south-eastern coast of Sweden.

Walking in the direction of my country of origin and towards the village where my 90-year-old mother lives. Walking and being stopped by the limit of the land stooping into sea, stopped by the pandemic rules.

Putting one foot in front of the other slowing down the experience of distance and encountering the landscape with only the scope of walking legs. ‘Walking exercises’ and ‘floating’ were filmed in different landscapes.


With Alva Willemark and Sybrig Dokter.

Video by Nadja Voorham.

Walking Home was developed in the context of Girls play in pairs.

Girls Play in Pairs (Flickor leker två och två) is a collaborative artistic research project which aims to explore the supportive pair relationship affidamento (entrustment) as feminist working model for making and presenting art. The project was initiated by long-term colleagues and friends Marta Forsberg and Anna Jakobsson.

The project consist of six artists, and three pairs consisting of: Sybrig Dokter & Alva Willemark, Anna Knutas Blomquist & Anna Jakobsson, and Anita Kaya & Marta Forsberg.