Nadja Voorham, Robin Dingemans and Sybrig Dokter are balancing on the interface between being conscious and asleep; a continuous falling into black rooms; in the gap between being awake and sleeping. Precarious bodies that share a room and are contaminated by each other without resistance. Identities that blur into sleep, emerge above the surface and dive under.


Falling is a project about falling asleep, dreaming and wakefullness, the falling into blackness or nothingness and the coming to the surface when waking up. Thinking of identity as the sum of looking back at ones memories as an unbroken thread that stretches out back in time, one can say that ones identity disappears when falling asleep allthough one still ’is’ in the eyes of others. 

One can never say: ’I am sleeping.’

You are the only, untrustworthy, witness of your dreams.


Weld, September 2016, Stockholm